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What is Unbanx?

Unbanx is a next generation rewards app where you earn daily passive rewards for sharing you spending data by connecting you bank account(s). You can also earn more rewards for doing surveys, completing offers and referring friends and family to the app. When you submit your data to Unbanx we anonymize it and add it to our large data set. When we sell this data set we will pass the majority if the profit back to you in Unbanx points. You can then spend these Unbanx points in our marketplace.

Why are banks selling data?

Banks have joined the likes of big tech companies such as Google and Facebook in profiting from your personal information. Your banking transaction data when pooled together with others’ is highly valuable. You can read more about this in our blog post

What data are they selling and why is it valuable?

Banking transaction data include information on what you spend your money on. It is one of the most valuable forms of personal data because it provides action over sentiment. The Unbanx platform uses Open Banking APIs to faciliate you in sharing your data and getting rewarded for it.

How is Unbanx different?

Unbanx believes that the people who create data should own it, and should therefore be the ones who profit from it when it’s sold. We provide the platform to do this for your spending data, distributing majority of the revenue made from your data back to you. Read more about Unbanx on our About page -

What are Unbanx points?

Unbanx points are how we reward Unbanx members. Think of them as a points system or a currency. You can redeem them for products and services from some of the biggest brands.

How much can I earn?

Currently you can earn rewards by sharing your spending data, doing surveys, completing offers, creating content about Unbanx, and inviting friends and family to the app. Earning from your data is the default, once you connect your bank account you are earning Unbanx point from your data. The amount you earn can vary, it depends on how often your data is used. Initially we estimate this to be about the vaule of a coffee per month. As Unbanx scales this amount will rise. However you can earn unlimited Unbanx points through the other means highlighted above.

How is my data secure and safe with Unbanx?

Unbanx uses industry leading encryption to ensure all customer data is secure and untraceable. We never ask for your name and ensure your data is always anonymous, which means you collect your rewards without ever compromising your privacy.

Who are the founders?

Unbanx was founded by cousins Alan McDonald and Ger McDonald, experienced Open Banking engineers, who were motivated to test out their theory of redistributing the value of personal banking data, from banks to the people.

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