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At Unbanx, we believe that a person should be able to benefit from the value of the data created by or about them.

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That is why we are building a community and platform where people have the choice to unlock the value from their data and earn rewards, starting with bank transaction data.


On its own, a person’s data does not hold much value, but when combined with other people’s data in a data union such as Unbanx, it can aggregate into an attractive product for buyers to extract insights.


We provide the agency and technology to combine a person’s real-time data together with others anonymously and securely - and further distribute revenue back to the people when someone pays to access this data.


Unbanx was founded by cousins Alan McDonald and Ger McDonald, experienced Open Banking engineers, who were motivated to test out their theory of redistributing the value of personal banking data, from banks to the people.


The two built an MVP to validate their theory which was followed by significant interest. This was the beginning of Unbanx. Since then, Unbanx has raised a pre-seed round from a string of top-tier investors including Outlier Ventures, Pool, Streamr and Payvation.

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