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You are probably aware big-tech profits from your data, but did you know that banks are doing the same too?

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Alan McDonald, the cofounder of Unbanx joins me to talk about building a WEB3 business and giving passive income from transaction data.


We are proud to announce our first cohort of teams into our dedicated Filecoin Base Camp, the only accelerator dedicated to the mission of an Open Metaverse. 

At Outlier Ventures, we are the early investors in Web3; a digital future centered on user centricity and sovereignty of the individual, their identity, data and wealth. 


Unbanx took part in Pool Data's first catalyst program.

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The journey so far and why we’re here

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The fintech firm is launching its mobile and web apps this summer, with around 600 people already on the waiting list

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Unbanx is an Irish led platform that taps into the billion dollar data market. Monetising is no longer a new topic as big corporations make millions monetising personal data.


This episode is about owning our own financial data! I spoke to Alan McDonald, founder of Unbanx, the world's first consumer banking data union. 


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